Littlest Pet Shop – I am from the darkest regions of the jungles of Tamango!

Quote from S03E12, The Very Littlest Pet Shop. I love Dolores’ voice! They did a great job with sound effects and pitching the voice up! Even though it honestly is hilarious, I wouldn’t laugh at her in front of her face.

If you like my videos, be sure to check out another Littlest Pet Shop-based channel I collaborate on! The League of Petshoppers. We are a group of 8 Petshoppers who review episodes, do live reactions, as well as do interviews with the talent from the show staff. We also bring in guests often, so they can join us for a review!

We have recently conducted interviews with both Cathy Weseluck, the voice of Buttercream, and Jocelyne Loewen, the voice of Penny Ling!

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