Oldest Technologies Scientists Still Can’t Explain

Scientists are completely baffled at the technology that ancient civilizations have used to build these incredible structures and features! But who built them!? Their tech was far too advanced for what we know, even by todays standards!

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Welcome back, Richest fans! Every day, we use a variety of technology to complete all sorts of tasks. Such as cars, ovens, computers, and much more. Every so often, scientists will uncover lost antique treasure. It can give us a valuable insight into civilisation during those ancient days. However, sometimes, the scientists have no idea what the item was used for. In other instances, the creation of the items may be far beyond the technological capabilities available at that time. That’s exactly what we’re going to look at in today’s video! Some of the oldest, unknown technologies that scientists are stumped on. We’re also going to see how much money they’re worth or speculate on their value.
One of the discoveries is the mysterious Roman Dodecahedron. Another involves the Antikythera Mechanism and what its purpose might be. We also have the Dashka Stone that may be the oldest map in existence. We also have the fabled Greek Fire. It relates to Elon Musk’s version of a flamethrower! We also have the colour changing Lycurgus Cup. The Nimrud Lens has a variety of potential purposes. Perhaps we can figure out what it is! We have the Voynich Manuscript written in an unknown language. There’s also the Ulfberht, a type of Viking sword. We also have the Codex Gigas. Also known as, “The Devil’s Bible”. Find out why in the video! Finally, we have the legend of the Stradivarius Violins. Many are worth an absolute fortune! So, watch the video to find out what all these mysterious artefacts are!

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